Lead Vigil for Peace

The entire organization of is spearheading a vigil or peaceful rally espousing peace to all mankind as a way of promoting peaceful means to achieve one’s advocacies. Led by their hyperactive CEO, Marc Alistair, will come full force on the 4th pf April as they parade around the city and holding meetings and dialogues with people from all walks of life along the way. The event will take place at the Carnival grounds and the parade around the city limits will follow immediately. seeks to get the attention of the nation, when its leaders speak up in front of the public, urging everyone to keep their eyes peeled and their ears to the ground to make themselves aware of what’s happening in our society. This is somewhat of a wake up call to all people to be constantly vigilant and make sure no shady agreement gets by without anyone taking notice.

The keyword here is alertness. Since nobribes,org started its crusade against bribery and corruption, a lot of those engaging in the practice have tried to find other ways to go about their business without being noticed. By holding this vigil, we remind our citizens that their work is never done, as long as there are politicians willing to take a bribe, and there are people with strong personal interests who wish to bypass the laws or go above the law, we have to remain vigilant.

We are the voice of the people, therefore, let us make sure that the voice with which we speak with speaks only the truth and nothing but. The vigil will end with a small program where Alistair and a few other leaders will speak regarding the major issues we are facing at the moment, as well as other pressing matters which needed pointing out.