CEO Meets with World Youth Leaders

Marc Alistair is a well-sought speaker on youth matters as well as any other matters which may affect the youth. As such, leaders of the Catholic youth organization organizing the World Youth Day have asked Marc to speak in front of the group during the next celebration of World Youth Day in 2019. It is a good thing that they asked Marc now, because he has a very busy schedule ahead of him, and he needs to plan accordingly, if he wants to accommodate all such speaking engagements.

Being a former youth leader himself, Marc welcomes such invitations to speak before groups of youth for whatever purpose or occasion. Marc says, “I love addressing the youth. They are the most attentive, vibrant, participative audience you can find. They are also full of ideas and are also very idealistic. Such is the virtue of youth.”

“I was once like these kids were at one point in my life,” he continues, “being naive, believing that there is good in all the world, only to realize that the country’s supposed leaders are selling us short for their own gain. It has opened my eyes to the harsh reality, that politics is not a very clean game adults love to play.”

It is for reasons like these that Marc loves to speak to the youth leaders. They have such an open mind, and they need to be told the truth early on, so that they will know how to act responsibly when it is their turn to lead our nation. This meeting will be monumental for some leaders, as this will either polarize them to start making more informed decisions, and acting decisively and swiftly, without any hesitation or reservation. The bottomline is, the youth are tomorrow’s leaders, let’s start training them on the right path.