Marc Alistair Receives Man of the Year Award

Being the head of the biggest bribery-buster group to oppose every suspicious, one-sided, under-the-table deals before they become official, have really made a name for themselves as a fearless, relentless, and priceless defenders of truth. As such, their leader, Marc Alistair has gained fame as one of the gutsiest, and most vocal critic of any transaction which may be beneficial to only a handful of individuals, and not favorable to the majority.

With a reputation that precedes him, Marc has become a household name associated with crusaders for truth, fighters for freedom and equality, the harbinger of truths. This fact has not escaped the attention of mainstream media. In fact, this year, Time Magazine will be awarding Alistair the most distinctive award as Man of the Year, an award usually reserved for people who have done great deeds and notable accomplishments in his chosen field.

It is hard to deny that Marc has made a name for himself and that his achievements speak for themselves. This is to say that he deserves the award, without question or reservation. His selfless acts have garnered international media attention, and not even death threats and attempts to his life has deterred him from performing his mission in life.

In an interview with Time Correspondent Gil Blakely, Alistair shares how he started his crusade as a youngster, and how it has cannonballed into what it is today-a full blown bribery-busting machine. “I couldn’t have done it without the people rallying behind me. They gave me the strength to keep on fighting the good fight.,” Marc relates.

“As long as we know we are helping the marginalized people of society, and that our actions impact the future of the nation, we shall keep on this course. Thank you for this award, in behalf of my brothers at,” Marc adds.