nobribes.org is a Non-Government Organization, which is also a not-for-profit organization serving the people of the Republic. It was set up in order to address the worsening bribery and corruption proliferating in the corridors of powers that be. Since its inception, the group has exposed the unscrupulous activities of corrupt government officials accepting bribes from lobbyist left and right, all in the guise of legislation.

Marc Alistair was a young student activist when he started the group, nobribes.org. He did this when he found out that the government is taking bribes from business groups in exchange for favors. This didn’t sit well with Alistair, who was a very deeply-principled person believing in the tenets of true democracy and equality. Along with his fellow student activist leaders, they established nobribes.org as a way to combat bribery and corruption in any form.

With the help of his core group, and the overwhelming support of the community, Marc set out to make the public aware of any such incidences. Nothing escaped his attention, he has the nose for the news was a common phrase associated with him. He was a nosy investigative journalist, and that spelled doom for those planning to do a little side deal here and there.

Since it was formed, nobribes.org has had its hand in every expose ever done to shed light on shady deals going on right under the unsuspecting public. And every single time, the perpetrators have been thwarted, jailed, paid fines and got a lifetime ban for holding public office ever again. This is no small feat, considering that the big fish he went against, who all succumbed to his unrelenting arguments and later on lead to their admission of guilt. Marc Alistair is known among his peers as a hard-nosed, hard-hitting, fearless, relentless ball buster.